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Arachidonic Acid Supplements

ARASYN™ (Arachidonic Acid) is a patented sports nutrition ingredient. A growing number of manufacturers are recognizing its value for supporting muscle size, strength, and power, and incorporating it into their formulas. For those looking to utilize ARASYN as part of their current resistance training and dietary program, we can recommend the following products.


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X-FACTOR™ (Molecular Nutrition)

The first ARASYN™ supplement, X-FACTOR was the subject of both the University of Tampa and Baylor University Clinical Trials!


Universal Animal TEST
Animal Test (Universal Nutrition)
pHLabs AUGMENT bottle
Augment (pHLabs)
HemodrauliX from Axis Labs
HemodrauliX (Axis Labs)
X-Factor arachidonic acid supplement bottle
X-FACTOR™ (Molecular Nutrition)
X-Factor Advanced arachidonic acid bottle
X-FACTOR™ Advanced (Molecular Nutrition)