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Baylor ARA Study

Arachidonic Acid Dramatically Increases Peak Power!

The first athletic study of ARASYN™ arachidonic acid was a preliminary investigation conducted at Baylor University. They gave ARASYN or a placebo to 31 experienced weightlifters during 50 days of training. Supplementation caused a signifiant increase in Muscle Peak Power, along with statistically strong improvements in Bench Press 1-Rep Max. These findings were the first to provide clinical support for the use of ARASYN arachidonic acid as a sports nutrition supplement.

Study Details

Baylor recruited 31 experienced resistance-trained men for their investigation. These men were randomly assigned to one of two groups. The first half took 1,000mg of ARASYN™ arachidonic acid per day (4 capsules of X-FACTOR™, Molecular Nutrition). The other men were given an identical-looking placebo. The subjects took the supplement over a 50-day period while following a resistance-training program. Measurements were taken at baseline, the halfway point (day 25), and at the end of the experiment. These included basic measures of body composition, strength, and anaerobic performance, as well as an extensive evaluation of blood chemistry including health, hormone, and inflammatory markers.

The study reported that ARASYN™ significantly increased muscle Peak Power output. The improvement in this group after 50 days of supplementation was 1.2 Watts/kg, compared to a slight decrease in power noted in those taking placebo (-0.2 Watts/kg). ARASYN™ arachidonic acid was also associated with a significant reduction in IL-6 at 25 days, and statistical trends in Bench Press Strength (+11 kg vs. +8 kg), Wingate Average Power (+37.9 Watts vs. +17 Watts), and Wingate Total Work (+1292 Joules vs. +510 Joules). These results support the use of ARASYN™ as an ergogenic aid, and would lay the foundation for University of Tampa’s follow-up investigation.

“The major findings from this study were that AA supplementation significantly increased anaerobic peak power by 8.5% at day 50 (P < 0.05) and attenuated the increases in circulating IL-6 levels that were seen in the PLA group (AA: 138.0 ± 83.1 pg·ml-1, PLA: 172.6 ± 90.5 pg·ml-1, P < 0.05) on day 25 of the study.”


All measured anaerobic power variables were higher in the group supplementing ARASYN™ arachidonic acid. Muscle Peak Power output was the most notable and significant improvement after 50 days of use.

Resting Interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels were also significantly lower after 25 days of ARASYN™ arachidonic acid supplementation. IL-6 is a central regulator and marker of inflammation in the body.

Study Abstract

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Full Paper is also available for download.