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Clinical Studies

ARASYN™ has been shown to support the effects of resistance exercise in two placebo-controlled University studies on experienced resistance-trained men. The most recent took place at the Human Performance Research Lab at the University of Tampa, which is widely known for prolific research in the area of sports nutrition and physiology. The second, at the Exercise and Sports Nutrition Laboratory in Baylor University, also well known and accredited for their work in this field. Several marketing claims may now be supported based on the statistically significant findings from these two Universities.

University of Tampa

Baylor University

Supported Benefits of ARASYN™


Eliminate Training Plateau

University of Tampa

Study found ARASYN™ supplementation to break Training Plateau in experienced weightlifters.


LBM (Lean Body Mass)

University of Tampa

ARASYN™ was the only group to significantly increase Lean Body Mass (LBM).


Bench Press Strength

University of Tampa

ARASYN™ only group to significantly increase bench press strength. Baylor University also reported statistically strong increase in bench press strength.


Anaerobic Power

Tampa & Baylor Studies

ARASYN™ only group in Tampa study to significantly increase Peak and Average Power. Baylor study also reported a significant increase in peak power.