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Tampa ARA Study

Arachidonic Acid Breaks Plateau in Experienced Lifters!

The University of Tampa conducted a highly unusual experiment on ARASYN™ (arachidonic acid). They examined the effects of supplementation on experienced weightlifters during a state of training stagnation; that frustratingly common point when gains are slow and training is in essence just maintaining one’s current size and performance. The results of this study were striking, and support that ARASYN™ is unique among sports nutrition products in its ability to break such plateau.

Study Details

Thirty young male (average age 20.4 years) experienced weightlifters were recruited for this study. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups. One group was given 1,500 mg of ARASYN™ arachidonic acid per day (6 capsules of X-FACTOR™, Molecular Nutrition). The other took an identical-looking placebo. The men were subject to a monitored training program for 8 weeks. The program pushed for weight increases and growth, but was not designed with a heavy periodization schedule, or to be too shockingly dissimilar from normal training for the subjects. It was designed to mimic real world conditions for an experienced lifter, where training has become more routine, and gains incremental. Measures were taken of body composition, strength, and anaerobic performance at the start of the study, as well as its conclusion. Neither the participants nor the researchers knew which group was taking ARASYN™ until the very end, after all measures were calculated.

During this investigation, the experienced weightlifters in the placebo group hit a clear training plateau. Their progress was minor, and largely insignificant from a statistical standpoint. The subjects taking ARASYN™, on the other hand, did not hit the same training plateau. They were the only group to report significant progress on measures of Lean Body Mass (LBM), Upper Body (Bench Press) Strength, Peak Anaerobic Power, and Average Power. The supplement provided enough stimulus to overcome the training-stagnant state. These results put ARASYN™ in a unique position among sport supplements, which are typically tested on inexperienced weightlifters, or under specialized conditions that would assure new growth. ARASYN™ (arachidonic acid) can support growth when the individual would otherwise not be making progress… and most likely seeking the help of a muscle-building supplement in the first place!


Only the group supplementing ARASYN™ noticed a statistically significant increase in muscle size (Lean Body Mass). Arachidonic acid broke plateau in these experienced weightlifters, forcing new growth on subjects that would otherwise be stagnant!

Upper body strength also increased significantly only in the group that supplemented ARASYN™ arachidonic acid. In this case, there was a an average increase of 21 lbs. on Bench Press 1-Rep Maximum weight.

Peak and Average Anaerobic Power output, which is controlled by the adenosine triphosphate and phosphocreatine (ATP-PCr) energy pathway, was also increased significantly only with ARASYN™ supplementation.

Study Abstract

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